Residential Architects In Melbourne


We specialise in crafting bespoke residential design outcomes


First and foremost, our homes are designed for living. They are tailor-made for individuals and their families; simply put, we create the home you want.

Drawing on more than fifteen years of designing some of Melbourne’s finest homes, we craft built environments that are based on our understanding of each client’s needs and values, style of living, family makeup, and aspirations.

We combine this knowledge with the characteristics of the site, whether that be in the city, the country or on the coast, to achieve a unique outcome that can be enjoyed over many years and is designed to grow and evolve with you.


Melbourne based Contemporary residential design in Melbourne


Be they new homes or renovations, our designs are always contemporary and created around the idea of ‘place’. This may be a luxury suburban residence, inner-city renovation, period restoration in a heritage context, or a coastal or country house where our designs draw on the landscape, topography and vegetation that define the characteristics of the site.

Every property speaks a language and it's our role as architects to translate it into a clear form to facilitate sound design solutions.

“Our designs are deeply considered and always linked to people and place; it’s the key to creating enduring and timeless pieces of architecture.”


Working with us is a collaborative process


Collaboration is essential if we are to fully understand your values and beliefs, and it’s therefore fundamental to delivering an individualised architectural design that responds to your needs and wants. For us, collaboration begins with listening to you.

Additionally, it involves working closely with other consultants on the project team, respecting their advice and responding collectively to create the best possible design outcome. We work closely with landscape architects, engineers, heritage specialists, builders and many other trades and craftspeople, all of whom contribute to the coherence and quality of the end product.

We believe that enduring, timeless architecture comes from a deep understanding of people and place. This means that while we are in tune with modern trends, we refuse to be seduced by social media distractions such as Instagram and Pinterest. Your residence should be as much admired and desired over the long term as it is on the day you move in. This requires careful consideration of composition, form and materials to ensure your home will function now and well into the future.


Our Approach to Residential Design In Melbourne


Our approach is holistic. This means we don’t draw a distinction between architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. Our design solutions speak a unified language that creates a harmonious environment for you and your family, essential for a home and garden environment that is to become your sanctuary for years to come.


Environmentally Sustainable Design is not an optional extra


Whether the project is a new home or renovation, our approach is straightforward. Working with a team of trusted consultants, and applying simple and practical design principles, we achieve design outcomes that are energy-efficient and environmentally considered.

For us, architecture has a fundamental responsibility to ‘place’ and the ongoing contribution your residence makes to our planet. For you, our approach creates a home that costs you less to run and is a perfectly comfortable and healthy environment for family living.

Townhouse Designs In Melbourne


Understanding the end user drives Development success.


At NTF Architecture, our dedication to luxury townhouse design in Melbourne is deeply rooted in the same principles we apply to individual homes – they are spaces crafted for living.

Our design journey commences with a profound understanding of the future inhabitants, a meticulous analysis of the site's nuances, and extensive research into the local surroundings and demographics. Armed with this knowledge, we embark on tailoring a design that harmonizes seamlessly with the needs and preferences of those who will call the building home.


Unique Townhouse Designs That Meet Melbourne People’s Lifestyles.


Since 2006, NTF Architecture have been designing some of Melbourne's most exquisite homes for individuals and families, our townhouse residences are a testament to our intimate grasp of people's lifestyles, family dynamics, and aspirations.

Our design philosophy is ever-evolving and firmly rooted in the notion of 'place.' We draw inspiration from the cultural tapestry, landscape, topography, and contextual elements that define each unique site, thereby ensuring that our designs stand as enduring examples of architecture that transcends the temporal, ensuring that our apartments are cherished long after their completion.


Extensive Experience and a History of Successfully Delivered Projects.


Our extensive experience informs our successful delivery of medium-density residential projects. Our portfolio includes accomplishments in Stonnington, Boroondara, the City of Yarra, Bayside, Port Phillip, Manningham, Whitehorse, and various other areas in and around Melbourne and Victoria. Each townhouse project is conceived with the same care and consideration as our bespoke single residences, promising occupants the same level of appreciation and enjoyment.

Yet, our commitment goes beyond design. Leveraging cutting-edge documentation technology, we maintain a hands-on approach that yields projects of the utmost quality, efficiency in construction, and affordability in both construction and long-term maintenance. If you possess a site that holds potential for medium-density development and seek to explore ideas and opportunities, we invite you to reach out to us. Your vision could be the next chapter in our legacy of exceptional design and craftsmanship.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where has NTF Architecture brought to life their successful multi-residential projects?

A: NTF Architecture has left its mark in a diverse array of locations, including Stonnington, Boroondara, the City of Yarra, Bayside, Port Phillip, Manningham, Whitehorse, and numerous other regions throughout Melbourne and Victoria. We are also keen to extend our portfolio into other parts of Australia and New Zealand.


Q: Does NTF Architecture actively participate in the construction phase of a project?

A: Indeed, we do. We employ cutting-edge documentation technology and maintain a hands-on approach throughout the construction process. This ensures that our projects not only meet the highest quality standards but are also executed with efficiency.


Q: Are NTF Architecture's designs budget-friendly in terms of both construction and maintenance?

A: Absolutely. Our hands-on methodology, coupled with the use of the latest technology, guarantees that our projects are not only synonymous with top-notch quality but are also cost-effective in terms of both initial construction and long-term maintenance.


Q: Could you elaborate on the concept of 'place' in the context of NTF's designs?

A: 'Place,' in our design philosophy, encapsulates the rich tapestry of culture, the natural landscape, topographical features, and contextual elements that define the site. It is these elements that inform and shape our design outcomes, ensuring that each project remains harmoniously grounded in its surroundings.


Q: How can I connect with NTF Architecture?

A: Feel free to reach out to us via phone at 03 9429 3200. We're here to discuss your architectural aspirations and explore the possibilities of collaborating on your project.

Multi Residential

Luxury Apartment Design In Melbourne


Extensive experience drives our delivery of medium-density residential projects


With our approach to multi-residential architecture, be it an apartment or townhouse project, we apply the same principle as we do for an individual home. They are designed for living.


Building Design Services In Melbourne


We start our design process by identifying the end user, analysing the site in detail, and researching the local area and demographics. This information enables us to tailor a design suited to those who will own and occupy the building; simply put, we create homes that people want, whether they be owner-occupiers, lessees or investors.

Since 2006, NTF Architecture have been designing some of Melbourne’s finest homes for individuals and families, our townhouse and apartment residences are based on our understanding of people’s needs and values, style of living, family makeup, and aspirations.

We combine that knowledge of human behaviour with what we learn about the site, taking into account if the location is in the city, the country or on the coast, and its individual characteristics. This enables us to achieve a design outcome that can not only settle neatly into a situation but also provide an enhanced mode of living. In other words, we create a home.


Our Approach To Architect Designed Homes In Melbourne


Our designs are always contemporary and created around the idea of ‘place’. We are inspired by the culture, landscape, topography and context that define the site and inform the design outcome. This is what creates timeless architecture, which ensures our townhouses and apartments remain highly valued long after completion.

To date, we have delivered successful multi-residential projects in Stonnington, Boroondara, the City of Yarra, Bayside, Port Phillip, Manningham, Whitehorse and numerous other areas in and around Melbourne and Victoria.

“Our multi-residential projects are an extension of our portfolio of individual homes. Each is carefully designed and crafted with the end user in mind, ensuring the finished townhouse or apartment elicits the same appreciation and enjoyment as our bespoke single residences.”


Documentation is key to outstanding timeless architecture


All our projects are delivered by our in-house team of highly experienced architects and interior designers.

The design work is only half the story. Utilising the latest in documentation technology, we apply a hands-on approach to create projects that attain the highest standards of design and quality, are efficient to build in terms of both time and cost, and affordable to maintain for the purchaser.

If you have a site that is suitable for medium-density development and would like to discuss ideas and opportunities, please get in touch here.

Client-Centric Commercial Design Philosophy


In the realm of commercial building design in Melbourne, we delve into the essence of the workplace – a realm where productivity, creativity, and innovation converge. It is within this dynamic milieu that we embark on a journey to redefine the boundaries of contemporary commercial architecture.

Our approach to commercial architecture and interior design is grounded in a visionary perspective, one that nurtures ambition and sparks imagination. With a track record spanning over 15 years, during which we have crafted groundbreaking designs for Melbourne's office buildings and retail spaces, we remain steadfast in our commitment to tailor our methodology to the intricate intricacies of each project's distinct requirements.

Whether it be the intricacies of an office fit out design or the nuances of a retail architecture endeavour, our foremost consideration is the client themselves. How can we envision a concept that seamlessly integrates your team's functional necessities, leaves an indelible impression on clients, and articulates your brand identity all in one coherent expression?

Commercial architecture and interior design standards in Melbourne are unfailingly high. In a city that venerates striking aesthetics and unconventional structural innovation, our Melbourne-based commercial architecture team remain resolute in their dedication to preserving practicality, utility, and functionality. Each bespoke design concept is meticulously crafted with sustainability and energy efficiency as guiding principles.


Innovation via Collaboration


At NTF Architecture, we foster a culture of collaboration that extends beyond our Melbourne-based office but also includes a consultant group of landscape architects, engineers, builders, and a consortium of other skilled professionals who share our unwavering passion for visionary outstanding design outcomes. We draw no arbitrary lines between architecture and interior design. Our commercial endeavours resonate with a unified language that harmonizes the spaces for you, your colleagues, clients, and patrons. Driven by a quest for timelessness, we not only employ durable materials but also strive to create designs that transcend contemporary architectural conventions and interior design trends. Your new space will not merely reflect your brand's professionalism; it will help define it.

Should you seek to cultivate a commercial environment that ignites inspiration among your workforce, beckons customers, and seamlessly integrates into Melbourne's architectural tapestry, we extend an invitation to connect with NTF Architecture here.


Sustainability at the Heart every Decision


With an unwavering commitment to delivering high-end, contemporary designs that reflect the unique needs of each client and the specific attributes of the site, NTF Architecture ensures that sustainability remains at the core of their creative process. Our diverse and collaborative team skilfully crafts sustainable design solutions that harmonize with the natural environment, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and materials to minimize ecological impact. NTF Architecture's subtle encouragement of responsible resource management aligns seamlessly with their ambition to be recognized as the premium architectural designer in Australia.

As a testament to our dedication to sustainability, NTF Architecture proudly is a carbon-neutral practice, reaffirming their commitment to a green future.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What sets NTF Architecture apart in the realm of commercial building design in Melbourne?

A: At NTF Architecture, our differentiating factor lies in our unwavering commitment to marrying visionary design with pragmatic functionality. We approach each project as a unique canvas, tailoring our solutions to cater to our client's specific needs and brand identity.


Q: How do you ensure sustainability and energy efficiency in your commercial architecture projects?

A: Sustainability and energy efficiency are integral to our design philosophy. We meticulously incorporate eco-friendly practices and materials, ensuring that our designs not only stand out aesthetically but also leave a minimal environmental footprint.


Q: Can you tell us more about your collaborative approach to commercial architecture?

A: Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We work closely with a diverse team of experts, including landscape architects, engineers, and builders, to create cohesive and harmonious commercial spaces that transcend traditional boundaries of design and function.


Q: What inspires your pursuit of timelessness in commercial architecture and interior design?

A: Timelessness is a core value for us. We believe that by creating designs that endure beyond trends, we offer our clients lasting value. Our commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and innovative design keeps us on this timeless trajectory.


Q: How can potential clients get in touch with NTF Architecture to discuss their commercial architecture needs?

A: For those eager to embark on a journey toward inspiring, customer-drawing, and contextually harmonious commercial spaces in Melbourne, we encourage you to reach out to NTF Architecture. Contact us through our website or give us a call, and let's explore the possibilities together.


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