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Extensive experience drives our delivery of medium-density residential projects


With our approach to multi-residential architecture, be it an apartment or townhouse project, we apply the same principle as we do for an individual home. They are designed for living.


Building Design Services In Melbourne


We start our design process by identifying the end user, analysing the site in detail, and researching the local area and demographics. This information enables us to tailor a design suited to those who will own and occupy the building; simply put, we create homes that people want, whether they be owner-occupiers, lessees or investors.

Since 2006, NTF Architecture have been designing some of Melbourne’s finest homes for individuals and families, our townhouse and apartment residences are based on our understanding of people’s needs and values, style of living, family makeup, and aspirations.

We combine that knowledge of human behaviour with what we learn about the site, taking into account if the location is in the city, the country or on the coast, and its individual characteristics. This enables us to achieve a design outcome that can not only settle neatly into a situation but also provide an enhanced mode of living. In other words, we create a home.


Our Approach To Architect Designed Homes In Melbourne


Our designs are always contemporary and created around the idea of ‘place’. We are inspired by the culture, landscape, topography and context that define the site and inform the design outcome. This is what creates timeless architecture, which ensures our townhouses and apartments remain highly valued long after completion.

To date, we have delivered successful multi-residential projects in Stonnington, Boroondara, the City of Yarra, Bayside, Port Phillip, Manningham, Whitehorse and numerous other areas in and around Melbourne and Victoria.

“Our multi-residential projects are an extension of our portfolio of individual homes. Each is carefully designed and crafted with the end user in mind, ensuring the finished townhouse or apartment elicits the same appreciation and enjoyment as our bespoke single residences.”


Documentation is key to outstanding timeless architecture


All our projects are delivered by our in-house team of highly experienced architects and interior designers.

The design work is only half the story. Utilising the latest in documentation technology, we apply a hands-on approach to create projects that attain the highest standards of design and quality, are efficient to build in terms of both time and cost, and affordable to maintain for the purchaser.

If you have a site that is suitable for medium-density development and would like to discuss ideas and opportunities, please get in touch here.

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