Residential Architects In Melbourne


We specialise in crafting bespoke residential design outcomes


First and foremost, our homes are designed for living. They are tailor-made for individuals and their families; simply put, we create the home you want.

Drawing on more than fifteen years of designing some of Melbourne’s finest homes, we craft built environments that are based on our understanding of each client’s needs and values, style of living, family makeup, and aspirations.

We combine this knowledge with the characteristics of the site, whether that be in the city, the country or on the coast, to achieve a unique outcome that can be enjoyed over many years and is designed to grow and evolve with you.


Melbourne based Contemporary residential design in Melbourne


Be they new homes or renovations, our designs are always contemporary and created around the idea of ‘place’. This may be a luxury suburban residence, inner-city renovation, period restoration in a heritage context, or a coastal or country house where our designs draw on the landscape, topography and vegetation that define the characteristics of the site.

Every property speaks a language and it's our role as architects to translate it into a clear form to facilitate sound design solutions.

“Our designs are deeply considered and always linked to people and place; it’s the key to creating enduring and timeless pieces of architecture.”


Working with us is a collaborative process


Collaboration is essential if we are to fully understand your values and beliefs, and it’s therefore fundamental to delivering an individualised architectural design that responds to your needs and wants. For us, collaboration begins with listening to you.

Additionally, it involves working closely with other consultants on the project team, respecting their advice and responding collectively to create the best possible design outcome. We work closely with landscape architects, engineers, heritage specialists, builders and many other trades and craftspeople, all of whom contribute to the coherence and quality of the end product.

We believe that enduring, timeless architecture comes from a deep understanding of people and place. This means that while we are in tune with modern trends, we refuse to be seduced by social media distractions such as Instagram and Pinterest. Your residence should be as much admired and desired over the long term as it is on the day you move in. This requires careful consideration of composition, form and materials to ensure your home will function now and well into the future.


Our Approach to Residential Design In Melbourne


Our approach is holistic. This means we don’t draw a distinction between architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. Our design solutions speak a unified language that creates a harmonious environment for you and your family, essential for a home and garden environment that is to become your sanctuary for years to come.


Environmentally Sustainable Design is not an optional extra


Whether the project is a new home or renovation, our approach is straightforward. Working with a team of trusted consultants, and applying simple and practical design principles, we achieve design outcomes that are energy-efficient and environmentally considered.

For us, architecture has a fundamental responsibility to ‘place’ and the ongoing contribution your residence makes to our planet. For you, our approach creates a home that costs you less to run and is a perfectly comfortable and healthy environment for family living.

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