Carbon Neutral


Carbon Neutral

Talk is Cheap, Action Speaks Louder

As part of the Architects Declare Initiative, as of May 2020, NTF Architecture is now a Carbon Neutral organization. Through an internal assessment of carbon use we have made considered steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Furthermore, at NTF Architecture we have made a commitment to review our carbon emissions on an ongoing monthly basis with a continued effort to first and foremost reduce what we can in-house. Pathzero will guide this shift in taking the necessary steps to remove as much CO2 from our operations as possible.

What carbon we have been unable to remove from our operations is now being offset by the Mount Sandy Conservation Project in South Australia and the Yingxin Glassworks Waste Heat to Energy Project in China which are both Gold Standard Carbon Off-Set initiatives.

South Pole will ensure that the carbon offset projects reduce emissions, and will continue the pursuit for other positive benefits to our community and future.

We pledge to continue this change from now into the future, and encourage all others to join.

NTF Architecture is now proudly a Carbon Neutral Company.


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